Founded In 1942 By Milton Milberger

Milberger's Focused Xtermination has been protecting Kansas City and the surrounding areas from pest of all shapes and sizes for over 4 generations.


Eighty-Two Years

In 1942 our Founder, Milton Milberger began providing termite and pest control services at an affordable price.

The idea of pest control came from his early days working at the local post office in Milberger, Kansas. Milton put in long hours and over time noticed one consistent thing, ‘WHERE ARE ALL THESE BUGS COMING FROM!?’

After years of stomping on insects as a means of pest control, he decided to evolve his elimination idea. He transformed that business idea into Milberger’s Termite and Pest Control.

His son continued the family tradition for decades, always passing along the business to the next generation.

Today, our legacy is upheld by 4th generation, Lauren Tess Milberger. Lauren is Focused Xtermination’s CEO, CFO.

Focused Xtermination is well-known in the Kansas City Metro, and all surrounding counties: Jackson County, Douglas County, Johnson County, Wyandotte County, Platte and Clay County.

Our family has decades of experience, making Focused Xtermination the industry leaders in Kansas and Missouri.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy, affordable and dedicated pest control company – stop looking because you have officially found it!

Meet some of our team below.